Pioneers of Sound now interviwed on GIRRL

New offerings from GIRRL (posted on features artists link to the left)
Interviews with sound artist pioneers!! Wonderful firsthand chats were they talk in-depth about their practice, their influences, their careers and what they are currently doing with sound … great stuff.

The first up is Annea Lockwood, a composer and installation artists, very famous for her sound maps of the Hudson and Danube rivers and for her, Transplants, where she has buried piano's upside down on beaches. She is interviewed here by NY sound artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg.

Here is some of Annea's work ...

Work titled Digital Whitewater
This is a 9 minute video only version of the third movement of Bow Falls. This movement features the integration of digital camera articfacts into the whitewaters of Bow Falls. The full 26 minute version of Bow Falls is a video/audio collaborative interpretation of the waterfall in Banff, Canada by Paul Ryan and Annea Lockwood in accord with the Earthscore Notational System. Paul Ryan uses handheld camerawork, slow motion, reverse motion and negative color fields to compose four movements in video. Using only non-sync sound gathered at Bow Falls, audio artist Annea Lockwood creates a sound composition that both renders waterflow patterns and engages in a play of differences with the video images. Bow Falls was co-produced with the Banff Art Centre.

Keep an eye out for the next Pioneers Interview its with Pauline Oliveros will be up on GIRRL’s site next week …

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