Wonderful new Sound art site called Sound is Art!!!


With 500+ subscribers, it is a great place to share your work be heard! I hope
to post recordings of your environment, sound art, home made instruments and
other audio oddities. In particular, I am looking for the unique. There will be
no compensation for these submissions but hopefully some satisfaction in


ARCHIVAL RECORDINGS: Old vinyl snippets and other bits of sound history

FIELD RECORDINGS: Recordings taken from the natural environment with minimal
studio processing.

UNUSUAL INSTRUMENTS & GEAR: Recordings from unique electronic and acoustic

PERFORMANCE: Excerpts from live sound art performances.

PROCESS: Sound art compositions with interesting source material and studio

SOUND ODDITIES: Uncategorized interesting sound phenomena.

To contribute please email me these three items:

1. A description, written in your email body, about the process, content and/or
other details regarding the recording.
2. An mp3 sound clip.
3. A high quality jpeg (150 by 150 pixels) that is depictive of your sound(s)
in some way. If you have supplemental photos, you can send those too (but
extra images are not required).

Please email to: margaretnoble2000@yahoo.com

I will do my best to honor all submissions that fit the above criterion. Submit
as many times as you like and please do not fret if I don’t get back to you
right away, I will!


Margaret Noble


Gail Priest's - October/November stuff


Oct/Nov Stuff

A little flurry of activity: a few gigs, sound for an exhibition by some lovely ladies, and the long awaited VOX compilaiton by New Weird Australia.
If you're interested, read on....


Tony Osborne, Gail Priest, Whale + Cheng
voice business
Sunday, October 30, 2pm - 6pm
PSH Gallery
118 Terry Street
Rozelle, Australia
& Facebook


The Body is a Big Place

installation by Helen Pynor & Peta Clancy
with sound by Gail Priest
The Body is a Big Place by Helen Pynor and Peta Clancy is a new media commission exploring the fluidity between bodily boundaries inherent to the organ transplantation process, the ambiguous boundary between life and death, and the complex and multilayered responses reported by organ transplant recipients.
November 4 - 26
Opening November 3, 6-8
Exhibition open 10am - 5pm
Performances Mon Nov 7 & 21, 5pm (time may vary)
Performance Space
CarriageWorks, Wilson St Eveleigh


VOX - New Weird Australia Volume 10

co-compiled by Gail Priest & Stuart Buchanan exploring the voice in experimental, alternative and eclectic musics.


Immersion into Noise - great text available online ....

Immersion Into Noise
by Joseph Nechvatal
Series: Critical Climate Change
Open Humanities Press
An imprint of MPublishing, University of Michigan Library, 2011


GIRRL - NEW WORK: Let Down and When Dolphins Cry

GIRRL GIRRLSOUND : DIGITAL GIRRL hosts a one-night-event at Griffith Conservatorium, presenting new work by Brooke Ferguson and Eve Roleston.

NEW WORK: Let Down and when Dolphins Cry

Brooke will let you down in ways you have never been Let Down before.

Eve will channel the sensuous magnificence of the cosmic orgasmic dolphinic journey. It’s, When Dolphins Cry.

WHERE: Griffith Conservatorium, South Bank , Brisbane When Friday 28th October 2011 6-7pm


Brooke Ferguson is a Brisbane based artist. Ferguson completed her Bachelor of Fine Art (in Visual Art) with Honours at the Queensland University of Technology in 2011. Working across different media, recent projects take the form of drawings, installation, sound and collaboration. Her process-based practice reflects a continued interest in simple materials, activities and gestures to generate potential artworks. Marcel Duchamp’s concept of Infra-mince, with its concern for incidental phenomenon and unquantifiable boundaries, provides a model for Ferguson’s approach to media.

Brooke has been active in Brisbane’s Artist-Run Initiative scene, having exhibited with No Frills*, inbetweenspaces and Boxcopy. She is Metro Arts 2011 Artist in Residence.

Eve Roleston is a Gold Coast based artist whose work explores and links her multifaceted identity with the physical and perceptual world. And relates intimate images to broader social and cultural issues including gender, identity and relationships with dolphins in today’s society. Her artistic language operates at a certain level of symbolic abstraction in order to evoke universal human experiences from specific marine encounters. Eeeeewwwwwssssppphhhhhh!


New interview on GIRRL - Sarah Boothroyd

Contains recipe's for sound works!!! Check it out ....
(IDEA!!! a GIRRL recipe book would be interesting ...)
click here

IMPORTANT Women Composers Survey

Wanted: Australian Female Composers for Online Survey

Australian female composers in their early-mid career are invited to participate in an online survey before 31 October, 2011.

This research project aims to contribute to the visibility of the current generation of emerging women composers in Australia by giving voice to their experiences and promoting discussion on their needs in the twenty-first century. The research being undertaken in this project forms part of the academic component of a Masters of Music program.

To access the survey please visit:

To request more information on the survey or the research project please email Lisa Cheney at lisajcheney@gmail.com



the next GIRRL event is on Friday October 21 (Friday 5.50-7.30)
The Glasshouse
QUT Creative Industries Precinct
Cnr Kelvin Grove Road and Musk Avenue
Kelvin Grove

this meeting will present a series of short sound works/videos ... if you would like to submit work for this please contact me, majena on girrlsound@gmail.com by ...17th October

This meeting will also be looking at GIRRL's overall aim's and objectives, looking into grant and project possibilities for next year etc ... SO PLEASE BRING YOUR IDEAS AND EXPERTISE AND OR INTERESTS!!!


We will, during the meeting, make moves towards setting up core GIRRL committees ...
GIRRL is looking for girrls who might be interested in joining the team ... there is room for (there's lots of room...)

Techno GIRRLs
Voice GIRRLs
Digital media GIRRL's
Marketing GIRRLs
Research GIRRLs
Media GIRRLs (bloggers etc)
National Linkages GIRRLs
International Linkages GIRRLs
Reviewer GIRRLs
Financial whizz GIRRLs
Program development GIRRLs ...

These committees will take GIRRL to the next level (i.e. setting up a board, securing funding, becoming incorporated-not for profit and setting up next years program of events... so if you would like to contribute either come along to the meeting or don't be shy if you are living/working around the globe, Girrl already has a support team in London and NY!!!
contact me, majena, on girrlsound@gmail.com for more info


Digicult presents: DIGIMAG!!!


"...This interest comes from sound in itself and then from being interested in humans and their lives, histories, conditions etc. But we also wanted to go beyond the object and to not objectify and we came across audio as being, in the context of visual arts, in a certain way less, or differently, objectifying than the photograph or the video image; and also for its sculptural and material, or immaterial, qualities; of travelling through space instead of being fixed in its place, or just having one line of projection like video, for example, whose image has a more fixed format. We have been working with sound for a long time: sound was part of the environments we did during the first years of our collaboration; then we used it as a means of intervention in public space. We usually used concrete sound in relationship with space, as a way of shaping it or intervene in it, more than as a narrative element..."

Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, from "Radicant Aesthetics. Libia Castro &
Ólafur Ólafsson" by Elena Biserna























From 2005, Digicult has being an online/offline cultural and editorialplatform which focuses on the impact of new technologies and sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society. Founded and directed by Marco Mancuso, is now based on the active participation of quite 50 professional people, who represent a wide international Network of journalists, curators, artists, theorists, practioneers and critics. Digicult is also the editor of the monthly magazine Digimag, which focuses on some cultural, productive and
artistic issues like: internet & networks, hacking & hacktivism, video art & experimental cinema, sound art & electrinic music, audiovideo and live media, design & architecture, art & science, new media & social media, software art & generative art, performing art & interactive dance, with a strong critic and journalistic approach.


ROOM40'S OPEN FRAME 2011 ...

Rooftop Terrace, Brisbane Powerhouse 7.30pm
Wednesday September 28 - Marina Rosenfeld, Fourcolor, Moskitoo
Thursday September 29 - Minamo, Scott Morrison, Our Love Will Destroy The World
Room40's Open Frame festival continues its annual survey of esoteric music and media arts.

In 2011, Open Frame welcomes one of the true icons of 21st Century sound art - New York's Marina Rosenfeld. Known for epic performance works and highly personalised sound situations, she has presented works at the Tate Modern, NYMOMA and countless festivals. We've managed to score her ONLY east coast performance and she will be delivering a trademark solo turntable work, composed for her own specially cut dubplates.

We also play host to a special entourage from Tokyo including the legendary melodic minimalists Minamo, 12K post-pop artist Moskitoo and the highly regarded Fourcolor whose new album 'As Pleat' has been heralded as "mesmerising and unique", by Fluid Radio in the UK.

Following epic successes in Europe and an ever growing array of acclaimed releases Our Love Will Destroy The World arrives in Brisbane for the very first time promising to deliver a massive wash of tectonic tones and savage harmony. Australian audio-visualist Scott Morrison also hits Open Frame to launch his new dvd edition 'Ballads For Quiet Horizons', featuring a collection of his individual landscape deconstructions.

Tickets available via - http://www.brisbanepowerhouse.org/events/view/open-frame/


Under the Radar presents Macrophonics: music machines, virtual instruments and audio-visual performance.

From the September 20-24 Brisbane Festival presents a striking program of music and audio-visual works for new technologies at Metro Arts. Presented as part of the festival’s experimental program Under the Radar, Macrophonics assembles an array of adventurous performance work that explores the interface between humans and machines in performance.

From sensor based microphone and guitar systems to autonomous robots, post-rock dronescapes and experimental electronica, the program includes music, audio visual and installation works by leading Australian sound and media artists Donna Hewitt, Julian Knowles, Wade Marynowsky and Tim Bruniges, with choreography by Avril Huddy

The program features a number of works for the eMic, a new sensor based microphone stand designed by Donna Hewitt. The eMic allows the performer to manipulate their voice in real time by capturing their movements via sensing devices including pressure sensors, distance sensors, tilt sensors, ribbon sensors and a joystick microphone mount.

The progam also features a new work for guitar, sensors and electronics by Julian Knowles, robotics based work from Wade Marynowsky (finalist in the Qld Premier’s National New Media Art Award) and live a/v works from Tim Bruniges best known for his work with Decoder Ring and The Dead Sea

Co-curator and performer Julian Knowles said this is a chance for audiences to experience a national survey of  music and a/v work for new performance interfaces developed by the artists with support from a range of international institutions, including the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Queensland, STEIM (Holland) and the Nes Artist Residency (Iceland).

Under the Radar invites Brisbane audiences to discover the work of an impressive line-up of progressive artists throughout Brisbane Festival from 3 - 24 September 2011.

Brisbane Festival Artistic Director Noel Staunton said Under the Radar provides a platform for artists to take a risk and experiment with art form, while supported within Brisbane Festival.

“I urge the people of Brisbane to get out there and try something new, buy a ticket and see where it takes you,” Mr Staunton said.


When:     Tuesday 20 September at 8:00 PM, Thursday 22 September at 7:30 PM, Friday 23 September at 7:30 PM, Saturday 24 September at 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM

Where:     The Studio, Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia

Tickets:     5 for $60 ticket deal - See any five ticketed Under the Radar shows for $60\
Adult $20, Concession $15 (includes booking fee)

Event Sponsors:     Brisbane Marketing, Metro Arts, QUT, Arts Qld, STEIM, Brian Tucker Accounting, 4ZZZ, Time Off magazine and IKEA

Further information:    www.brisbanefestival.com.au

Nick Briz Explains the Glitch-Art Methods of JODI ...

...'In an effort to branch out further into the world of tech-based and internet art, Chicago Art Magazine attempted to send interview questions to the Belgium-based artist collective JODI, who have been making art for the internet for almost 10 years. When we attempted to contact the duo, we did receive a reply, but the answers completely befuddled us.
Screen capture of work by JODI
Here are a few samples of the answers we had received via email:
Chicago Art Magazine: What do you hope that people who visit your website, wwwwwwwww.jodi.com, take away from your artwork?
Ow w Ow w OOOw w COM wwwwwwwww.jodi.orgNot FoundThe requested URL /people-who-visit-our-website” was not found on this server.Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.'

Book launch, Vienna/Austria: Content/ Form/ Im-material- Five Years of CONT3XT.NET

... from Content | Form | Im-material – Five Years of CONT3XT.NET
Book launch, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna/Austria
September 15, 2011

'Why is it still easier to get an entire museum collection on the Internet than to get a single work of Internet-based Art in a museum space? As with the nature of this question, both aspects have to be taken into account: the field of Internet-based Art with its characteristics and proponents, as well as the mechanisms that allow institutions to filter what the public at large understands to be art. The book “Content | Form | Im-material” analyses how artistic creation on—and based upon—the Internet and the processes of its re-formulation in the real space can be developed in order to find appropriate presentational modes, suitable for both sides—the Internet and the art world—in favour of interdisciplinary discourse. It also represents a synopsis of the activities of the art collective CONT3XT.NET over the past five years, since it was founded in Vienna in early 2006 by Sabine Hochrieser, Michael Kargl, Birgit Rinagl and Franz Thalmair. Programmatically, this group of artists, curators and authors—their different roles and functions sometimes regarded strictly, sometimes as a fluid continuum—work at the basis of contemporary visual, textual and networked practices. Always starting from the idea of the context as the most indecisive and variable but relevant constraint of any situation, the collective analyses the spatial, temporal, discursive as well as the institutional framework that conceptual artistic practices are rooted in today. Here the main point of interest is the exploration of creative territories shifting between the ‘virtual’ and the ‘real’ as well as between the dimensions of the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’ of the field of art. This book can be read as a loose documentation of projects as well as a screenshot of tendencies that have emerged and disappeared within the past few years. Anyhow, it is a protocol of workflows concerned with matters of content, form and im-material.' ... for more visit the website


Pauline Oliveros brilliant interview ...

posted here

Early sound girrls...

bein' contemporary (and thus temporary) casting back trawling back to sound >... and the Queen of DaDa

 Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Lorington 'Queen of DADa'
    Ildrich mitzdonja—astatootch
    Ninj—iffe kniek —
    Ninj—iffe kniek!
    Arr—karr —
    Karrarr—barr —
    Arr —
    Arrkarr —
    Mar—doorde—dar —


Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, “Klink—Hratzvenga (Deathwail),” The Little Review 6.10 (March 1920), 11; in Body Sweats, 180.

    Aggnntarrr—nnjarrre—knntnirrr —

    Hussa—juss—huss—jalamund —


    Lihula—halljei—alsuiiii —
    Jalamund—mund arrrljo-i-tuuu!

    Ooo—ooo—acktasswassknox —

    Jass—hass—wass must—
    Mustjuamei—jalamund—mund odajmi!
Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, “Duet: Eigasing Rin Jalamund,” Body Sweats, 181–83.

Who was she...?
'Like no other’s, the Baroness’s corporeally-charged sound poetry embodied the Dada motto of The Little Review: “Making no compromise with the public taste.” A maverick who consistently confounded the boundaries of life and art, the Baroness was known for her remarkable do-it-yourself art aesthetics, adorning her body with objects and self-made costumes, while also producing mischievously titled assemblages made from junk she found in the streets. But it was her sound poetry that provided a touchstone that created a neat division between mainstream critics who dismissed the Baroness as insane, and her admirers who championed her precisely because they recognized in her practice the promise of a new corporeal language'.2

“Harpsichords Metallic Howl—”: The Baroness Elsa von Freytag- Loringhoven’s Sound Poetry1
Irene Gammel and Suzanne Zelazo from Modernism / Modernity volume eighteen, number two, pp 255–271. © 2011 The Johns Hopkins University Press

... more poems published here in Jacket

... for the sound ...


Pioneers of Sound now interviwed on GIRRL

New offerings from GIRRL (posted on features artists link to the left)
Interviews with sound artist pioneers!! Wonderful firsthand chats were they talk in-depth about their practice, their influences, their careers and what they are currently doing with sound … great stuff.

The first up is Annea Lockwood, a composer and installation artists, very famous for her sound maps of the Hudson and Danube rivers and for her, Transplants, where she has buried piano's upside down on beaches. She is interviewed here by NY sound artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg.

Here is some of Annea's work ...

Work titled Digital Whitewater
This is a 9 minute video only version of the third movement of Bow Falls. This movement features the integration of digital camera articfacts into the whitewaters of Bow Falls. The full 26 minute version of Bow Falls is a video/audio collaborative interpretation of the waterfall in Banff, Canada by Paul Ryan and Annea Lockwood in accord with the Earthscore Notational System. Paul Ryan uses handheld camerawork, slow motion, reverse motion and negative color fields to compose four movements in video. Using only non-sync sound gathered at Bow Falls, audio artist Annea Lockwood creates a sound composition that both renders waterflow patterns and engages in a play of differences with the video images. Bow Falls was co-produced with the Banff Art Centre.

Keep an eye out for the next Pioneers Interview its with Pauline Oliveros will be up on GIRRL’s site next week …


Chicks on Speed... show

*chicks on SPEED SHOW* is the first speed show evva in linz && the first one
that only showcases female artists. The line-up includes media artists from
the early 90s up to today. join us for this evening of great women in media

*Saturday, September 3rd, from 18:30 to 21:30, Graben 17, Linz **
@ the internet cafe that has no name *(corner of Graben / Marienstr)*

with ...
... the wonderful monica panzarino
... the amazing mez breeze
... the lovely rosa menkman
... the unbelievable LIA
... the one and only cornelia sollfrank
... the great amy alexander
... the incredible melissa barron
... the overwhelming sara ludy
... the adorable jennifer chan
... the blazing dain oh
... and the unbeatable VNS matrix

curated and organized by nina wenhart


documentation of the event will be available from *Monday, September 5th* on

SPEED SHOW is an online & real space exhibition format conceived of by
German artist Aram Bartholl. visit the collection of past SPEED SHOWS on


Chihei Hatakeyama...

Chihei Hatakeyama
with special guest Anonymeye
At Syncretism, the Judith Wright Centre
Thursday August 25 from 8pm

Occasionally we line up all the cards just right and August's Syncretism is just one such case - a double CD launch from two of the finest and more eccentric guitar provocateurs to grace this fine planet.

From Tokyo's outskirts comes Chihei Hatakeyama, the lauded master of saturated guitar tones and reduced harmony. His floating polychromatic style carries with it a dream-like quality, as if gazing into an old polaroid or watching some scratchy super 8 film. Over the course of the past decade he has explored the outer limits of guitar and electronics, developing a sound that is versed in ambient traditions, but harks back to the heritage of Japan's darker, rawer musics. For his first tour to Australia, Hatakeyama comes on the back of a brand new recording titled Mirror that Brainwashed calls "anything but common, exhibiting an unusual attention to detail that surpasses the efforts of many like-minded musicians."

Joining him for Syncretism is Brisbane acoustic experimentalist Anonymeye who unites various instruments (now including banjo!) with a waving collision of electronics. For his August performance, Anonymeye launches the band new LP Anontendre - a collection of esoteric audio excursions with a flare for the unexpected.



People (some are women) Who Do Noise

About: ... 'People Who Do Noise' is a film about the experimental music of Portland, Oregon. Extensive interviews and intimate performance footage provide an intense portrait of the motivations, emotions, and methods that go into this uncompromising, sometimes brutal musical form. Unwavering in its focus, the film brings to light an art form unfathomable to many, with only the words of the musicians themselves providing any explanation for the pulsating sonic chaos they create. The unflinching cinematic style defies any trend-setting or commercial representation, opting instead for a stark portrayal of a musical underground at its most genuine and vital.  Written by Cornelius, Adam 


Friday Sept 9th 9.30-11.00
Under the Radar Brisbane Festival 
Metro Arts 109 Edward St Brisbane , Australia...

Vocalist, artist and musician Michelle Xen has been collecting words, chasing songs, finding new synth sounds and sewing sequins in preparation for a new live performance. Neon Wild featuring Chris O’Neill, Roger Gonzalex and Carly Dickeson.

Rhythm, electronica, pop, and a good party.

Free Entry

We go on at 9.45pm ♥

Ladyz in Noyz review by Gail Priest

click here

This is an excerpt from the article part 1: sydney scenes & sound

This article is reproduced with the permission of the publisher of RealTime, Open City, and the writer. www.realtimearts.net

Image caption: Daisy Buchanan, Ladyz in Noyz, Adelaide, photo Spoz

ISEA 2011 ISTANBUL 17th International Symposium of Electronic Art in SEPT!!!

Lots offered at this fantastic symposium on Electronic Art, for example...

Fantastic Workshop offered- EMOTIONAL SNAPSHOTS
by: Emilian Gatsov

Marly shook her head. How could anyone have arranged these bits, this garbage,     in such a way that it caught at the heart, snagged in the soul like a fishhook?
            William Gibson, Count Zero

quote ...'This is an exploratory workshop on the topic of 'sound photographs', snippets, fragments, bits and loops of sound.  It will trace the connection between recorded sound and time, memory and emotions. The first syllable of a song, an unfinished phrase from a dialog or the breath someone takes before staring to speak, wind and birds entering and then suddenly leaving just out of nowhere – sounds belonging to a world which always seems placed elsewhere.

Emotional Snapshots is open to participants coming from different disciplines: musicians interested in inventing their own language but to no lesser degree to visual artists, photographers, field recordists, object makers, thinkers interested in perception and generally any curious person able to perform operations as simple as cut and paste. A multidisciplinary group is the best scenario.

Nowadays loops are something quite common: there are for example tons of drum loop banks produced for the postmodern groovster to tweak and mix, perfectly matched in pitch and tempo. On the other side, loops are handy in gallery installations because of random access, yet usually long and smooth enough not to be recognized as loops or fragments. This workshop will focus on the fragmentary nature of a loop like a memory container, an emotional snapshot,

It's about catching a piece of sound long and complex enough to have its own story told, short enough to still be a fragment, a bit of memory that remains from another world. It's about packing an emotion in a time span of just a few seconds. Or creating an emotion through fake memories: samples.

Looping such fragment 'kills' the idea of musical development on a large scale and the sense of time passing in general, turning sound into a static image, emphasizing connections between elements in an almost visual way. Some loops get easily boring, while others can be played forever; one of the main theoretical topics of the workshop is how the mechanical nature of looping and sampling in general gets a soul.

I've always found this extremely touching. A dramatic structure always requires some tension between different realities as well as a certain lack of completeness, an abrupt cut of the energy curve before it ends naturally, the illusion that something's gone, the power of finishing the unfinished through imagination.

So this workshop is about sampling of voices, sampling of movie scenes along with the atmosphere, words and foley sounds, sampling a breath, sampling one's own work. It is not about creating realistic samples of a violin or piano and it's not about turntablism and similar collage techniques, neither is it about recycling in the postmodernist sense.

Here are the main areas of explorations:

Extracting a fragment from pre-existing sound material; working within a frame. Observing what's caught in the frame and what's left outside the frame (photographic approach).

Constructing a micro-composition from a limited set of sound objects, playing with limitation and completeness.

Utilizing imperfection for the sake of dramatism and emotional appeal.

Utilizing non-musical elements (speech, field recordings, foley sounds), looking for cinematic narrative.

Compressing the message in a short time-span. Playing with cliche and archetype.

Working with personal material.

Collective process of combining snapshots within different contexts.'

...makes you think, how silent has the family album been all these years...


Lucille Calmel's variable(s) performance-research...

variable(s) performance - research from lucille calmel on Vimeo.

UBU Sound re sounded ...

About UbuWeb Sound

Originally focusing on Sound Poetry proper, UbuWeb's Sound section has grown to encompass all types of sound art, historical and contemporary. Beginning with pioneers such as Guillaume Apollinaire reading his "Calligrammes" in 1913, and proceeding to current practitioners such as Vito Acconci or Kristin Oppenheim, UbuWeb Sound surveys the entire 20th century and beyond. Categories include Dadaism, Futurism, early 20th century literary experiments, musique concrete, electronic music, Fluxus, Beat sound works, minimalist and process works, performance art, plunderphonics and sampling, and digital glitch works, to name just a few. As the practices of sound art continue to evolve, categories become increasingly irrelevant, a fact UbuWeb embraces. Hence, our artists are listed alphabetically instead of categorically.

UbuWeb embraces non-proprietary, open source media. As such, most of our newer files are encoded in the more universally readable MP3 format. However, when a recording is still in print and available, we only serve it in streaming RealMedia; we don't wish to take whatever small profits might be made from those taking the efforts to gather, manufacture and properly distribute such recordings. Instead, we hope that by streaming these works, it will serve as an enticement for UbuWeb visitors to support the small labels making this work available.

All MP3s served on UbuWeb are either out-of-print, incredibly difficult to find, or, in our opinion, absurdly overpriced.

? Concrete Poetry
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... ZERO
3ViTrePAIR series
3ViTre dischi di polipoesia
3Vi: Aldino Leoni
3Vi: Bertoni + Serotti
3Vi: Italia-Canada
3Vi: California-Italy
3Vi: Ungheria-Italia
3Vi: Voooxing Poooêtre
Marina Abramoviç
Vito Acconci
Kathy Acker
Tomomi Adachi
Alejandra & Aeron
Pierre Albert-Birot
Terry Allen
Andreas Ammer
Charles Amirkhanian
Beth Anderson
Laurie Anderson
Carl Andre
Kenneth Anger
Ant Farm
Anthology Film Archives
David Antin
Eleanor Antin
Jorge Antunes
Georges Aperghis
Guillaume Apollinaire
Jon Appleton
Karel Appel
Louis Aragon
Pierre André Arcand
John Armleder
Pelayo Fernández Arrizabalaga
Antonin Artaud
Art & Language
Art By Telephone
Jean/Hans Arp
John Ashbery
Robert Ashley
Audio Arts
The Avant Garde Project
Derek Bailey
John Baldessari
Hugo Ball
Giacomo Balla
Billy Bang
Llorenç Barber
Vincent Barras
Roland Barthes
Michael Basinski
Jean Baudrillard
Erik Belgum
Julian Beck
Samuel Beckett
David Behrman
Walter Benjamin
John M. Bennett
Alban Berg
José Manuel Berenguer
Caroline Bergvall
Luciano Berio
Harry Bertoia
Bertoni + Serotti
Charles Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein
Steven Jesse Bernstein
Ted Berrigan
Joesph Beuys
Luciano Berio
Berliner Dichter Workshop
Maurizio Bianchi
Big City Orchestra
Julien Blaine
Jaap Blonk
Blood Stereo
Lars-Gunnar Bodin
Hermann Bohlen
Christian Bök
Jorge Luis Borges
Jonathan Borofsky
Jean François Bory
Paul Bowles
Glenn Branca
Anthony Braxton
Bertolt Brecht
Robert Breer
Andre Breton
Anton Bruhin
Marcel Broodthaers
Earle Brown
Jean-Louis Brau
Allan Bryant
Gavin Bryars
Camille Bryen
Chris Burden
William S. Burroughs
Christopher Butterfield
John Cage
John Cale
Cornelius Cardew
Jose Luis Castillejo
Francesco Cangiullo
Augusto de Campos
Capilano Review (Canadian Sound Poetry)
Louis-Ferdinand Céline
Rhys Chatham
chris cheek
Chicago '82: A Dip in the Lake
Velemir Chlebnikov
Henri Chopin
Concrete Mass
Chinese Experimental Music
Henning Christiansen
Walter Cianciusi
Carlfriedrich Claus
Claude Closky
Bob Cobbing
Jean Cocteau
Guy de Cointet
Todd Colby
Philip Corner
Robert Creeley
Marilyn Crispell
David Cronenberg
ee cummings
Merce Cunningham
John Paul Curtay
Alvin Curran
Chris Cutler
Andrew Cyrille
Halim El-Dabh
Dada for Now
Salvador Dali
Hanne Darboven
Mario Davidovsky
Brian Joseph Davis
Guy Debord
Francis E. Dec
Emile de Antonio
Augusto de Campos
Walter de Maria
Christopher DeLaurenti
Jacques Demierre
Delia Derbyshire
Jacques Derrida
Fortunato Depero
Robert Desnos
Taylor Deupree
Dial-A-Poem Poets Index
-- The Dial-A-Poem Poets
-- Better An Old Demon...
-- Big Ego
-- Biting Off The Tongue...
-- Burroughs / Giorno
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-- Disconnected
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-- The Nova Convention
-- Sugar, Alcohol & Meat
-- Totally Corrupt
-- You're the Guy...

Disintegrating Language
Tod Dockstader
Dariush Dolat-Shahi
Edward Dorn
Jacques Doyen & Jacques Lasry
Arnold Dreyblatt
Kevin Drumm
Jean Dubuffet
Marcel Duchamp
François Dufrêne
Jas Duke
Judy Dunaway
John Duncan
Duplex Planet
Paul Dutton
Jane Draycott & Elizabeth James
Max Eastley
Gwilly Edmondez
Nikolaus Einhorn
Electronic Music, History of (1937-2000)
Ensemble Ordinature
Max Ernst
Esplendor Geométrico
Barbara Ess
Luc Etienne
Extended Voices
Forough Farrokhzad
Fat Worm of Error
Morton Feldman
Mark Feldman
Min Xiao Fen
Luc Ferrari
Robert Filliou
Howard Finster
Robert Fitterman
FLAT: Art of Truncation
Flatus Vocal Trio
Fluxus 30th Anniversary Box
Fluxus Anthology
Fluxus Anthology 2006
Flux Tellus
Henry Flynt
Fred Frith
DJ Food
Giovanni Fontana
Richard Foreman
Four Horsemen
Jim Fox
Ellen Fullman
Buckminster Fuller
Furious Pig
Fylkingen Anthology
Kenneth Gaburo
Gabo + Pevsner
Rainer Ganahl
Drew Gardner
Ilse Garnier
Pierre Garner
Xavier Gautier
Jean Genet
The Gerogerigegege
Alberto Giacometti
John Gibson
John Giorno
Giorno Poetry Systems Index
Allen Ginsberg
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Glass / Summers
Jean-Luc Godard
Barbara Golden
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Kenneth Goldsmith & Jonathan Zorn
Eugen Gomringer
Michael Gordon
Dan Graham
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Spalding Gray
David Greenberger
Lily Greenham
Group 180
Group Ongaku
David Grubbs
Bernhard Günter
Pierre Guyotat
Brion Gysin
Al Hansen
Sten Hanson
Happy New Ear
Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison
Raoul Hausmann
Václav Havel
Tim Hawkinson
Tim Hecker
Kevin Hehir
Bernard Heidsieck
C.C. Hennix
Juan Hidalgo
Dick Higgins
Paul Hindemith
Shelley Hirsch
Hobbs / Adams / Bryars
Åke Hodell
Abbie Hoffman
Bob Holman
Stewart Home
Roni Horn
Joël Hubaut
Douglas Huebler
Richard Hulsenback
Herbert Huncke
Brenda Hutchinson
José Iges
Il concento prosodico
Eugène Ionesco
Isidore Isou
Itchy & Scratchy Orchestra
Mick Jagger
Ernst Jandl
Bengt Emil Johnson
Joe Jones
James Joyce
Mauricio Kagel
Robin Kahn
Allan Kaprow
Vasilij Kamenskij
On Kawara
Roland Kayn
Hugo Keesing
Mike Kelley
Mike Kelley & Paul McCarthy
Jack Kerouac
Velimir Khlebnikov
Martin Kippenberger
Kipper Kids
Klaus Kinski
Kenneth Kirschner
Yves Klein
Guy Klucevsek
Milan Knížák
Komar & Melamid
Takehisa Kosugi
Christopher Knowles
Ferdinand Kriwet
Aleksej Krucenych
Christina Kubisch
Kuemmerling Trio
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Joan La Barbara
Ilmar Laaban
Jacques Lacan
Oliver Lake
Dan Lander
Sean Landers
Paul Lansky
Lautpoesie Anthology
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Margaret Leng Tan

Maurice Lemaître
Aldino Leoni
Les Levine
George Lewis
Arrigo Lora-Totino
John Lennon
Sébastien Lespinasse
Lauren Lesko
Alan Licht
Kalup Linzy
Lipstick Traces
Live To Air - Artists Soundworks
Anna Lockwoood
Christopher Logue
Francisco López
Los Angeles Free Music Society
Lovely Little Records
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Alvin Lucier
Marcus Lupertz
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Jackson Mac Low
Angus MacLise
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Vladimir Maïakovski
Ivo Malec
Hansjorg Mayer
Pejk Malinovski
Lionel Marchetti
F.T. Marinetti
Kelly Mark
Christian Marclay
Ali Reza Mashayekhi
George Maciunas
Richard Maxfield
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Steve McCaffery
Paul McCarthy
Jennifer & Kevin McCoy
Stephen McLaughlin
Marshall McLuhan
Taylor Mead
Jelle Meander
Ulrike Meinhof
Jonas Mekas
Eugenio Miccini
Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky
Christof Migone
Henry Miller
Ilhan Mimaroglu
Enzo Minarelli
Minutes LTM V:XV, Homage to Burroughs
Bijan Mofid
MoMA: Writing in Time
Franz Mon
Meredith Monk
Rick Moody
Anthony Moore
Charlotte Moorman
Taniel Morales
Christian Morgenstern
Ikue Mori
Tracy Morris
David Moss
Otto Muehl
Gordon Mumma
Murs du Son - Murmures
Music for TAPE/BAND
Music Overheard
Toshimaru Nakamura
Takayuki Nakano
Sainkho Namtchylak
Maurizio Nannucci
Ogden Nash
Pandit Pran Nath
Bruce Nauman
Otto Nebel
Joseph Nechvatal
Max Neuhaus
New Humans
Phil Niblock
R. Henry Nigl
Seiichi Niikuni
Hermann Nitsch
Noigandres - VerbiVocoVisual
Eiríkur Örn Nordahl
Victor Nubla
M.A. Numminen
Ladislav Novák
Michael Nyman
Dylan Nyoukis
Frank O'Hara
Obscure No. 5
Pauline Oliveros
One Record Anthology
Yoko Ono
Roman Opalka
Dennis Oppenheim
Kristin Oppenheim
Oral Complex
John Oswald
Genesis P-Orridge
Nam June Paik
Charlemagne Palestine
Pan Sonic
William Parker
Zeena Parkins
Bernard Parmegiani
Past Eroticism (60s Canadian Sound Poetry)
Ben Patterson
People Like Us
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz
Perfo2: Catalogus Festival 1984
Michael Peppe
Arthur Pétronio
Jane Philbrick
Tom Phillips
Ergo Phizmiz
The Poetics
Phonetische Poesie
PhonoStatic Cassettes
Piers Plowright
UbuWeb Podcasts
Poèmes Spatialisme
Poetry And The Film
Poetry Out Loud
Poesia Sonora
Poésie Sonore Internationale
Polish Experimental Radio
Eduardo Polonio
Bern Porter
Ezra Pound
Seth Price
Richard Prince
Public Works
Winfried Mühlum-Pyrápheros
Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny
Sun Ra
John Roach
Eliane Radigue
Radio Radio
Arnulf Rainer
Lee Ranaldo
Man Ray
Tom Recchion
Steve Reich
Revolutions Per Minute
Terry Riley
Robin Rimbaud
Peter Van Riper
Jean-Claude Risset
Alain Robbe-Grillet
Steve Roden
Jim Roche
Nat Roe
Jon Rose

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Alexander Ross
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Dieter Roth
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Runzelstirn and Gurglestock
Russian Futurism (1920-1959)
Arthur Russell
Bertrand Russell
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Frederic Rzewski
Sackner Archive
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Erik Satie
Erik Satie: Pianoless Vexations
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Carolee Schneemann
Arnold Schoenberg
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Walter Smetak
Michael Snow
Dave Soldier
Philippe Sollers
Sonic Arts Union
Sonic Youth
Keith Sonnier
Sound Poetry Today
Sound Sculptures
Sound Sculpture (book), ed. John Grayson (1975)
Philippe Soupault
Terry Southern
Spanish Avant-Garde
Adriano Spatola
The Static
Imogen Stidworthy
Igor Stravinsky
W. Mark Sutherland
Taku Sugimoto
John Supko
Jim Staley
The Static
Walter Steding
Jan Steele
Brian Kim Stefans + Alan Licht
Gertrude Stein
Softpalate: Gertude Stein
Demetrio Stratos
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Stoppage (Interruption)
Kathleen Supové
Tibor Szemző
The Tape-beatles
Tape Poems
Anne Tardos
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Michael Taylor
Ghedalia Tazartes
Tellus Index
Tellus #1
Tellus #2
Tellus #3
Tellus #4
Tellus #5-6: Audio Visual Issue
Tellus #7 - The Word
Tellus #8 - USA/Germany
Tellus #9 - Music with Memory
Tellus #10 - All Guitars!
Tellus #11 - The Sound of Radio
Tellus #12 - Dance
Tellus #13 - Power Electronics
Tellus #14 - Just Intonation
Tellus #15 - The Improvisors
Tellus #16 - Tango
Tellus #17 - Video Arts Music
Tellus #18 - Experimental Theater
Tellus #19 - New Music China
Tellus #20 - Media Myth
Tellus #21 - Audio by Artists
Tellus #22 - False Phonemes
Tellus #23 - Paul Bowles
Tellus #24 - Flux Tellus
Tellus #26 - Jewel Box
Tellus Tools
James Tenney
Text-Sound Compositions
3ViTre Polypoetry
Christopher Tree
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David Toop
Edwin Torres
Barry Truax
Blue Gene Tyranny
Tristan Tzara
Lawrence Upton
Vagina Dentata Organ
Edgard Varése
Various Throats, Vol. 1
Nico Vassilakis
Ben Vautier
Sarenco + Franco Verdi
Patrizia Vicinelli
Lois V Vierk
Hallgrímur Vilhjálmsson
Vision #4 - Word of Mouth
Stephen Vitiello
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The Uproar Tapes (1986)
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