Gail Priest's - October/November stuff


Oct/Nov Stuff

A little flurry of activity: a few gigs, sound for an exhibition by some lovely ladies, and the long awaited VOX compilaiton by New Weird Australia.
If you're interested, read on....


Tony Osborne, Gail Priest, Whale + Cheng
voice business
Sunday, October 30, 2pm - 6pm
PSH Gallery
118 Terry Street
Rozelle, Australia
& Facebook


The Body is a Big Place

installation by Helen Pynor & Peta Clancy
with sound by Gail Priest
The Body is a Big Place by Helen Pynor and Peta Clancy is a new media commission exploring the fluidity between bodily boundaries inherent to the organ transplantation process, the ambiguous boundary between life and death, and the complex and multilayered responses reported by organ transplant recipients.
November 4 - 26
Opening November 3, 6-8
Exhibition open 10am - 5pm
Performances Mon Nov 7 & 21, 5pm (time may vary)
Performance Space
CarriageWorks, Wilson St Eveleigh


VOX - New Weird Australia Volume 10

co-compiled by Gail Priest & Stuart Buchanan exploring the voice in experimental, alternative and eclectic musics.


Immersion into Noise - great text available online ....

Immersion Into Noise
by Joseph Nechvatal
Series: Critical Climate Change
Open Humanities Press
An imprint of MPublishing, University of Michigan Library, 2011


GIRRL - NEW WORK: Let Down and When Dolphins Cry

GIRRL GIRRLSOUND : DIGITAL GIRRL hosts a one-night-event at Griffith Conservatorium, presenting new work by Brooke Ferguson and Eve Roleston.

NEW WORK: Let Down and when Dolphins Cry

Brooke will let you down in ways you have never been Let Down before.

Eve will channel the sensuous magnificence of the cosmic orgasmic dolphinic journey. It’s, When Dolphins Cry.

WHERE: Griffith Conservatorium, South Bank , Brisbane When Friday 28th October 2011 6-7pm


Brooke Ferguson is a Brisbane based artist. Ferguson completed her Bachelor of Fine Art (in Visual Art) with Honours at the Queensland University of Technology in 2011. Working across different media, recent projects take the form of drawings, installation, sound and collaboration. Her process-based practice reflects a continued interest in simple materials, activities and gestures to generate potential artworks. Marcel Duchamp’s concept of Infra-mince, with its concern for incidental phenomenon and unquantifiable boundaries, provides a model for Ferguson’s approach to media.

Brooke has been active in Brisbane’s Artist-Run Initiative scene, having exhibited with No Frills*, inbetweenspaces and Boxcopy. She is Metro Arts 2011 Artist in Residence.

Eve Roleston is a Gold Coast based artist whose work explores and links her multifaceted identity with the physical and perceptual world. And relates intimate images to broader social and cultural issues including gender, identity and relationships with dolphins in today’s society. Her artistic language operates at a certain level of symbolic abstraction in order to evoke universal human experiences from specific marine encounters. Eeeeewwwwwssssppphhhhhh!


New interview on GIRRL - Sarah Boothroyd

Contains recipe's for sound works!!! Check it out ....
(IDEA!!! a GIRRL recipe book would be interesting ...)
click here

IMPORTANT Women Composers Survey

Wanted: Australian Female Composers for Online Survey

Australian female composers in their early-mid career are invited to participate in an online survey before 31 October, 2011.

This research project aims to contribute to the visibility of the current generation of emerging women composers in Australia by giving voice to their experiences and promoting discussion on their needs in the twenty-first century. The research being undertaken in this project forms part of the academic component of a Masters of Music program.

To access the survey please visit:

To request more information on the survey or the research project please email Lisa Cheney at lisajcheney@gmail.com



the next GIRRL event is on Friday October 21 (Friday 5.50-7.30)
The Glasshouse
QUT Creative Industries Precinct
Cnr Kelvin Grove Road and Musk Avenue
Kelvin Grove

this meeting will present a series of short sound works/videos ... if you would like to submit work for this please contact me, majena on girrlsound@gmail.com by ...17th October

This meeting will also be looking at GIRRL's overall aim's and objectives, looking into grant and project possibilities for next year etc ... SO PLEASE BRING YOUR IDEAS AND EXPERTISE AND OR INTERESTS!!!


We will, during the meeting, make moves towards setting up core GIRRL committees ...
GIRRL is looking for girrls who might be interested in joining the team ... there is room for (there's lots of room...)

Techno GIRRLs
Voice GIRRLs
Digital media GIRRL's
Marketing GIRRLs
Research GIRRLs
Media GIRRLs (bloggers etc)
National Linkages GIRRLs
International Linkages GIRRLs
Reviewer GIRRLs
Financial whizz GIRRLs
Program development GIRRLs ...

These committees will take GIRRL to the next level (i.e. setting up a board, securing funding, becoming incorporated-not for profit and setting up next years program of events... so if you would like to contribute either come along to the meeting or don't be shy if you are living/working around the globe, Girrl already has a support team in London and NY!!!
contact me, majena, on girrlsound@gmail.com for more info