Chihei Hatakeyama...

Chihei Hatakeyama
with special guest Anonymeye
At Syncretism, the Judith Wright Centre
Thursday August 25 from 8pm

Occasionally we line up all the cards just right and August's Syncretism is just one such case - a double CD launch from two of the finest and more eccentric guitar provocateurs to grace this fine planet.

From Tokyo's outskirts comes Chihei Hatakeyama, the lauded master of saturated guitar tones and reduced harmony. His floating polychromatic style carries with it a dream-like quality, as if gazing into an old polaroid or watching some scratchy super 8 film. Over the course of the past decade he has explored the outer limits of guitar and electronics, developing a sound that is versed in ambient traditions, but harks back to the heritage of Japan's darker, rawer musics. For his first tour to Australia, Hatakeyama comes on the back of a brand new recording titled Mirror that Brainwashed calls "anything but common, exhibiting an unusual attention to detail that surpasses the efforts of many like-minded musicians."

Joining him for Syncretism is Brisbane acoustic experimentalist Anonymeye who unites various instruments (now including banjo!) with a waving collision of electronics. For his August performance, Anonymeye launches the band new LP Anontendre - a collection of esoteric audio excursions with a flare for the unexpected.


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